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Associate Professor Yi-Chiung Hsu

Posted on: 2021-06-08
專長:Biological and Medical Data Analysis,bioinformatics , Artificial intelligence in clinical and genomic diagnostics

國立陽明大學藥理學研究所 博士
台北醫學大學藥學系 學士
中研院統計所     博士後研究員   
中國文化大學/園藝暨生物技術學系 兼任助理教授
台灣大學/內科    博士後研究員
台灣師範大學/生命科學系 兼任助理教授

著作目錄 Publications
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會議論文Conference paper
[1] Yi-Chiung Hsu, Hsuan-Yu Chen, Cin-Di Wang, Ker-Chau Li. Integrative genomic analysis of lung cancer cell lines. 2015 The 9th Conference of the Asian Regional Section of the IASC, Singapore. (Invited speaker)
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[3] Yi-Chiung Hsu. Genome-wide Analysis of Three-Way Interplay among
Gene Expression, Cancer Cell Invasion and Anti-Cancer Compound Sensitivity in Lung Cancer. 2017 15th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology. Osaka, Japan. (Invited speaker)
[4] Cin-Di Wang, Yi-Chiung Hsu, and Ker-Chau Li. Integrative Genomic Analysis of Lung Cancer Cell Lines. 2017, 76rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association. Yokohama, Japan.
(poster 3279)
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專利 Patent
1. 發明專利:一種用以評估大腸直腸癌肝轉移病患之預後的方法
專利國家:中華民國專利號碼: I670498專利期間201909~ 201909
2. 發明專利: 訓練類神經網路以預測個體基因表現特徵的方法及系統
專利國家:中華民國專利號碼: I709904專利期間202011~ 203911
技轉 Technology transfer

獲獎 Award
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