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Adjunct Faculty

Professor Tien-Hsu

Posted on: 2023-12-26
Specialties:Cancer biology、Immunology、Cell and developmental biology、Study of relationship between inflammation and cancer progression

University of South Carolina

Work experience
中國醫藥大學 生物醫學研究所 講座教授(1100801~)
China Medical University Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences Chair Professor
中國醫藥大學 教授(1100801~)
國立中央大學 教授(1020801~1100731)
波士頓大學醫學院 Professor(0981001~1020423)
Medical University of South Carolina, Professor(0950701~0980930)
Medical University of South Carolina, Associate Professor(0880701~0950630)
Medical University of South Carolina, Assistant Professor(0821201~0880630)
Last Updated: 2023-12-26