Precious Instrument Utilization Center is established in order to administer the overall resources, and the management and use of the precious instruments, avoid double purchasing and display the most value and efficiency of use. The Center receives the funding of Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) to invite experts at instrumentation supervise the use of instrument and offer other consultation services. Besides, technicians of precious instruments are also retained to conduct operation and analysis.

In order to provide better service for outside user, seminars for introduction of the instruments and applications and training are held regularly. The instrument center put a lot of effort to maintain the instrument in the best condition in order to provide better service for nearby area as well as out area. Currently, the development is directed to optics, nanotechnology, communication, semiconductor processing, chemistry, chemical engineering, material, life science, physics etc. In order to fit the future development of the university. The instruments can be classified into five categories: materials characterization, chemical analysis, semiconductor processing, communication device, and Geotechnical Engineering. There are 13 sets of instrument and equipment providing excellent service for the units in and out of the university.